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Do you have a manager or staff member who needs help with people skills?

Do you need help dealing with your manager?

I will work with you and your staff to make the necessary behavioral adjustments to optimize teamwork that leads to ongoing success.


Do you have more applicants than you have hours in the day?

These days we all have more applicants for each open job than there are hours in the day. I will identify and select the best candidates for you.

Confidential Investigations

Do you have an employee issue or complaints that needs to be handled sensitively, fairly and objectively?

I have conducted numerous investigations both as an internal HR professional and as an outside third party. I have no agenda when I conduct these investigations so you will be assured of a timely and objective assessment.

Compensation/Benefits Review and Re-structuring

Are you competitive?

Do you want to lead the market?

Are your practices fair and legal?

It’s important to be competitive in your market, but equally important to offer a total compensation package that reflects the needs and expectations of your staff while remaining cost effective.

I will ensure that you are positioned properly for both your mission and market while also guaranteeing that your practices are both fair and legal.

HR Compliance Auditing

Are you in compliance with federal, state and local wage and hour requirements?

Are you following the NY state wage theft laws?

Is your staff properly documented regarding work permits?

It is important, both in terms of time and money, that your HR files and records are not only current and accurate, but legally ship shape.

I will work with you to make sire that your existing records are compliant and that your procedures for obtaining and maintaining data are the same.

Employee Handbook Reviews

Does your handbook set the tone that reflects your company’s culture?

Let me make sure that the tone of your handbook reflects your company’s culture.

Are you a multi-state employer? If so, does you handbook address state and local requirements accurately?

As a multi-state employer, let’s be sure that your handbook addresses state and local requirements accurately.

Does your handbook state your commitment to fair employment practices?

Are you confident that your employees know your rules?

Be sure that your employees both know your rules, and your commitment to fair employment practices.

Senior HR Surrogating

Do you have an HR voice in your company?

Is your HR leader on a leave?

Do you need to groom a budding HR professional?

I am available to assist you  in determining the nature and level of HR support that reflects your organization’s mission and culture. Whether that involves “pinch hitting” in the absence of your current HR leader or identifying and grooming his/her successor, I will work with you to find the right person for your team.


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